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Level 2 Legal

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Level 2 Legal eDiscovery Solutions

Level 2 Legal Assembles a Team Overnight with 92 Years Combined Client Review Experience


Late on a Wednesday evening, a Fortune 50 client reached out to Level 2 Legal for help. The client needed to conduct an urgent investigation before complying with a mandatory self-disclosure obligation. Before submitting their report to the government agency, the client and counsel needed to assess key documents, brief key stakeholders, and draft an appropriate response. In support of these critical fact-finding efforts, the client needed Level 2 Legal to review more than 100,000 documents in seven days.

Level 2 Legal had prior experience serving this client on more than 100 discovery projects. And with these years of proven performance and an established, trusted relationship, the client knew they could count on L2L to work seamlessly as an extension of their team during this high-stakes investigation.


eDiscovery Project MetricsUrgent reporting deadlines and zero spare time meant the review must begin as soon as the documents were ready. The processing vendor estimated the data would be ready that Friday. The client scheduled a review training session for Friday and needed all review complete by the following Thursday.

The compressed timeline and large review volume required Level 2 Legal to mobilize significant resources quickly. And as fast-moving matters always require adjustments, success on this project required our 24/7 commitment and dedication to do whatever it takes, regardless of the time of day or sacrifice required.


Greg Moreman | eDiscovery Services Consulting DirectorImmediately after the initial call with the client, Level 2 Legal Consulting Director Greg Moreman began developing a customized staffing and workflow plan. Overnight, Greg assembled a team of more than 40 Level 2 Legal attorneys, each having extensive experience with the client’s business practices and documents from prior review projects.

With more than 90 years of combined review experience for this client and the dedication to ensure success, the entire team committed to working around the clock to complete the review.


The documents were not ready for review on Friday as planned, but Level 2 Legal and the client decided to move forward with training to be prepared for review the second that the documents were ready. With the project deadline now just six days away, 40 Level 2 Legal attorneys arrived early Saturday morning to await the data release.

Leveraging our experience with the client’s data, our team continuity, and L2L’s proven workflow processes, L2L attorneys made up lost time. Review pace exceeded projections and by Wednesday, we had completed all analysis, quality control, and document escalation. Giving time back in these circumstances is rare, but this early finish gave counsel an extra day to finalize their briefs and report to the client.

Forty-eight hours later, Greg received word the scope of the investigation had expanded and additional data had been collected. The client needed these documents reviewed by the end of the following week to submit a supplemental report. Originally estimated at 20,000 items, following expanded collection the Phase Two review population grew to nearly five times the estimate. Our dedicated team worked through the weekend and late each night the following week, meeting the second urgent deadline. In the end, the Level 2 Legal team addressed 192,000 records in 12 working days.


When time is short, stakes are high, and review counts are increasing in real time, selecting a review provider with dedicated, experienced attorneys who can launch projects quickly means the difference between hoping to meet a deadline and knowing with certainty a deadline will be met.

Many companies view eDiscovery solutions as issues of manpower, throwing as many people as possible at a project without consideration for client knowledge, project details, or team members’ skill sets and expertise. A successful project requires an organized team with clearly defined roles designed specifically for each client's needs. Our clients know that Level 2 Legal’s experience and consistency directly translates into a quicker project launch and a much higher rate of repeated success.

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About Level 2 Legal Solutions

Level 2 Legal Solutions (http://www.level2legal.com) is a fast-paced and quickly growing global eDiscovery and managed review company headquartered in Texas. Recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s fastest-growing companies, Level 2 Legal creates and implements efficient, predictable, and cost-effective eDiscovery solutions for regional, national, and international law firms and companies of all sizes, across a multitude of industries.